Under the project: “DURECOBEL - Recycling of quarry dust and construction and demolition wastes for the production of novel ecological building elements”, there have been developed building element prototypes in semi-industrial scalein the type of:

  • Floor screed slabs and stone paving blocks by substituting natural aggregates with excavation, construction and demolition wasteaggregates(CDW).
  • Artificial load bearing or decorative building elementsproduced mainly by raw materials such as quarry dust filler and CDW. CDW come from recycled roof tiles, recycled concrete, stone paving blocks, paving slabs, curbs, ceramic wall tiles, bricks and coatings.
  • Thermal insulatingslabs usingquarry dust filler, cement and CDWderived from recycled roof tiles/ bricks andrecycled wall tiles.
  • Lightweight building elements using quarry dust filler, cement, lime and expanding agents.
  • Floor screed mortar produced mainly byquarry dust filler, cement and CDW.