The main research activities of DURECOBEL project include:

  • Research studies related to sampling, preparation and characterization of the used materials, mixtures proportioning (mix-design), effect of admixtures, as well as, modelling and optimization of the developed processes in large laboratory scale.
  • Prototypes development and pilot implementation of best proven techniques for the production of novel ecological building products exhibiting various properties (compressive strength, porosity, acid and freeze-thaw resistance, insulating capacity, etc).Such products will include paving blocks or tiles, load or non load-bearing masonry bricks, decorative masonry bricks and lightweight elements for thermal insulating and sound proofing applications.
  • Technical-economical evaluation, market survey and life cycle analysis of the developed products to explore the use potential of such ecological products in the broader construction sector and to assess their contribution towards the improvement of sustainability of the related sectors.
  • Development of a code of best practice for the management of these wastes in Greece in relation with recent EC directives and Greek Ministerial Decisions and proposals for respective technical norms.